How a Facebook chatbot saved time and increased sales for Ramp T-shirts

Neil Cocker profile photoNeil Cocker of Ramp T-shirts needed an easier way to give his customers quotes for t-shirt printing. Staying on top of these enquiries was time-consuming so Neil looked for a solution that would free up his time to focus on other areas of the business.

We were looking for a way to engage potential customers, but in an interactive way,” says Neil.

Automating the quoting process

The easy-to-install Chatt Assistant presented a solution that would work well with Facebook. It allowed Neil to set up simple questions and responses to find out exactly what a customer needed and provide them with the information they were looking for. Neil says: “We used the chatbot to give customers an instant, automated quote on Facebook. This gets their attention and drives them to our site.”

With many of Ramp T-shirts’ enquiries coming from Facebook, a chatbot was the next logical step to help Neil save a little time while encouraging customers to visit the Ramp website.

Installing the Chatt Assistant was easy and within no time at all Neil had a chatbot set up and ready to go, he says: “Editing the chatbot templates has been very simple and I feel confident we can tweak the bots to get even more results.”

Generating interest and sales

With a chatbot running on Facebook, Neil’s customers can quickly access a quote on Ramp’s products. This has generated some early success while freeing up Neil’s time to serve existing customers and continue building his business.

“So far the response to the chatbot has been fantastic,” Neil says, “and we're starting to see it generate great interest and early sales.”

From these early successes, Neil is working on ways to drive more people to Ramp’s new Facebook chatbot.